Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I am a Child of God

Thriller again!

So the Saturday after Halloween we went to Thriller again with some friends it was a lot of fun and Trint was really not that thrilled about going but after he saw it he said it was way better than he thought it would be and rated it a 8 out of 10. Other than that we haven't been up to a whole lot, trying to get ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas but it always comes and goes way to fast.

Aurora is finally 100% potty trained and now thinks she has to do everything by herself she even makes Trint and I leave the bathroom when she's going she says "You go in and sit on the couch mom" its kinda funny. As I am writing this she is saying "Mom you leaving me nuts" which means I am driving her nuts. Her new thing to tell Trint is "Just leave-va-me alone!!!" Can you say attitude!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy Halloween!

So for Halloween as you can tell Aurora was Ariel. We had such a fun time this year too because she finally understood the "Trick or Treating" part and when I ask her "What do you say "(when I want her to say please) and she says "Trick or Treat" still.

This is me and Aurora at Skyler and Chelsea's Halloween party, they had some yum food and treats and Aurora's favorite the root beer that she managed to spill down the front of her by the end of the night.

Getting ready to get more candy! She loved putting on make-up and getting ready and even liked me spraying the red stuff in her hair, at first when she saw it in the mirror she was a little worried and then she thought it was cool.

This is her friend Kennedy that was a Ariel too they had a lot of fun together trick or treating at the mall! They were both the cutest Mermaids I saw.

Cousins and Aurora at the mall getting ready to run!

We had a church party the day before Halloween and they had games and prizes and fun stuff Aurora loved it except when she saw scary people dressed up then she stayed close to me. We had such a fun year dressing up and still tons of candy left even though she was eating it every chance she got.

Friday, October 31, 2008


This past weekend my sister and some friends went to Thriller at Kingsbury Hall in Salt Lake. We went last year and loved it and this year it was even better! I love all the dancers and it defiantly makes me wish that I could dance but I can't.

In front of Thriller the only thing I kinda don't like are the weird people that come right up to your face.....their gross and in Kimberly's words need a breath mint.

Becky, Kimberly, Bree and me!

It was so much fun that I even talked Trint into going this weekend with some others friends, its gonna be fun!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

For my birthday this year Trint surprised me with a weekend getaway to St. George! It was a lot of fun except that it was suppose to be warm and it wasn't but at least it was warmer than it was here. He had planned to play golf on Saturday but it was way to cold, so we just went shopping instead and for once Trint was a good sport about it, he didn't whine about having "shopping legs" which he usually does. Then we went to a movie. We tried to remember the last one we went to and for me it was "Horton hears a Who" with kids and for him we really couldn't remember. Then of course we went to one of my favorite place's on earth, Outback. He also got me an hour massage while we were there and I couldn't have asked for a better weekend! What a great husband I have!
For the past 2 weeks Aurora has been so excited about my birthday. She finds little papers or toys or anything and brings them to me and tells me they are my birthday cake then she puts a bow on them. She was so excited for the real birthday cake she could hardly stand herself and did such a good job of singing "Happy Birthday."
I can't believe that I'm 26 I guess its true...... time flies when your having fun!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Happy 60th Momma Cita!!!

So for my mom's birthday this year (the big 60) we all went to Vegas to celebrate! It was so much fun to spend time with just my sisters and mom. It just reminds me of how crazy and wild we really are, especially my mom, and of course that's were we get it from. We spent lots of time shopping which we all love and then went to some shows and of course the good eating!
Jennifer (3rd oldest), Allyson (my brothers wife), Kimberly (5th oldest), Me (youngest), Raquel (Oldest), Michelle (2nd oldest) and my mom.

OK so in Vegas they have a "Price is Right" show its exactly like the real thing except for the hosts but everything else is the same. So we all bought tickets and then you sit in the audience and hope that your picked to bid and win prizes, whatever just like the real show. Well sure enough I'm sitting there and every one's cheering getting ready to call the first name and then I hear "Chanel Pierce COME ON DOWN!" I was like oh crap I almost peed my pants...... So anyways I am on the bidding panel and got to bid last (it was for a telescope) and I bid a dollar higher than the highest bid and won so I got to go on stage and play the game where I had 4 price tags and had 45 seconds to put them on the right thing in the end I had two of them right so I won a exercise machine and a table and lamp. Then I had the option to take money instead so I left with $480. It was so much fun the guy with the blue shirt was the host ( he hosts on the game show network) and the other guy was the announcer. This me on the stage Kimberly got one picture but then she got yelled at for taking it so it was all we got. But it was so much fun I would do it again too!

While we were there we went and saw the show "KA" by Cirque Du Soleil by far one of the coolest things I have ever went too. Its like acrobatics and just amazing stuff I tried explaining it to Trint and it does no justice to try and tell about it, if you ever have the chance go see it.
So while we were waiting to get in the show everyone was all crowded around this guy taking pictures so we were like who is it and a guy says its SO and So from the LA Kings. Allyson was like oh I love him and we hurried and got a picture by him. They we doing a charity gambling night at the hotel. So then I was like oh yeah a basketball player...... nope hes a hockey player and I looked him up his name is Anze Kopitar. I guess I'm not that into hockey.
The Cheesecake Factory oh yum!
It was such a fun trip with everyone there!

Monday, October 6, 2008


Oh where do I start! Aurora had such a fun time at Disneyland that the other night while saying prayers she said "Thank you to go to Disneyland." She talks about it at least once a day and by far Ariel and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse was the best part. We went with Kresta, Trint's sister, and her 3 kids, Brooklyn, Gavin, Parker and Grandma. I think we rode every ride in Disneyland (maybe more than once) and alot in California Adventure. Most memorable moment was Jack Sparrow (Gavin) pooping his pants in pirates of the Caribbean not because he was scared but because he hadn't pooped in 3 days.

Loved the monkey leashes!

Me, Aurora and Parker. Aurora was a little bit worried of the dressed up things (besides the princesses) she warmed up to them but for the most part kinda stayed close to me. Parker just chilled and pretty much just went along with everything we did.
At this point our legs were tired but we weren't quiting until closing time so we sat here and waited to watch the tiki birds they were cute too! Oh and if your asking if that's a fanny pack on my waist yes it is. Janet had one too and let me just say they were awesome (mine was actually one of Trint's from his mission or high school I never got a clear answer) but it held my money my camera everything I needed I know we were gay.
She couldn't help it anymore and I am sure she is dreaming about all the things she is missing! I think out of the 4 days we were together this was the only nap she took.

Getting ready for Buzz and Woody!

Grandma let her pick out 2 things to buy, of course they were both Ariel dolls. One of them was actually a bad idea because yesterday she stuck one of the tiny shoes from the Ariel up her nose and by up her nose I mean I had to get a flash light to even see it. Luckily after Trint and Kim holding her down and me trying to get it with tweezers it came out not by me but by plugging the other nostril and making her blow! I guess when they say 3 and up it means 3 and up!

Dancing with the Princesses.

Watching the parade was the most exciting thing she just wanted to run out in the road the whole time to dance and when Ariel came she was beyond happy.
It was really such a fun trip Trint was sad it was just a girls trip, not really but he says that (I think he has been to Disneyland a dozen times once even after we were married and before we had Aurora). He'll go next time!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Nebo Creek!

Over Labor day weekend we went to Nebo Creek camping/trailering and I gotta say its not one of my favorites only because I saw a snake.... yep that's right first I saw the tracks in the sand on the road, I yelled cusses and ran back to the trailer and then the next day while Trint and I were on a horse ride I saw the real thing so needless to say I stayed on the horse the entire ride! Snakes are the devil you know! Aurora has gotten warmed up to the horses I don't think she would last on a long ride but short ones she loves, she even went by herself with grandpa leading.
Grandma and Aurora caught Lizzy the lizard (that's whats in the bucket) at first they caught Lazy and it died so they made a burial for it and then some boys gave her Lizzy she just kept looking at it and getting excited. And at this point it was so hot that her and dad had taken off there pants (ok Trint just rolled his up) and got in the stream that was right next to us, that's why she looks like an orphan child.
Just chill'in!
As for now I am husbandless, Trint is up the mountain and staying there until he gets a big one.... Elk that is!

Monday, September 8, 2008

6 Random things about me....

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Random things about me!

1. I have been sky-diving twice even though I don't really like heights. I went to the stratosphere and went on that stupid rocket shot ride and was scared to death but sky-diving didn't bother me at all, I was nervous but not scared.

2. I love shopping any kind of shopping even grocery shopping is fun!

3. I have met Bob Barker, Hilary Swank, and I have been inside Larry Kings house. I have been on the Price is right too, we went over my birthday 2 years ago it was so much fun!

4. One of my very favorite shows in "The Biggest Loser" I love that show for some reason, I not a huge reality show person but Trint makes fun of me becuase I get so into it.

5. My graduating class was 62 poeple. I was senior class president, Homecoming Princess and graduated number 10 in my class..... but I had a one in 62 chance!

6. I don't like wearing flip flops, I love my gym shoes and would wear them all the time if I could. I will wear flip flops if I am going swimming and thats about it, I like my feet covered.

Friday, September 5, 2008


This is Aurora picking Grandmas green tomatoes........
and then trying to eat them! We kept telling her not to pick the green ones so we saw her do it and I went over to get mad at her and she stuffed it in her mouth what a little sneek!


Aurora and baby Halle, she is one of Auroras favorite people she is always so excited to see her and wants to hold her all the time.
This was for Brock's birthday he wanted a pinata and all the kids loved it. Aurora had a blast trying to hit it.
Waiting for the candy....
This is Aurora crying because she kept trying to run up and have another turn and so before she got whacked with the bat Trint had to hold her back
Finally she got her candy and kept yelling "Hooray"