Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Happy 60th Momma Cita!!!

So for my mom's birthday this year (the big 60) we all went to Vegas to celebrate! It was so much fun to spend time with just my sisters and mom. It just reminds me of how crazy and wild we really are, especially my mom, and of course that's were we get it from. We spent lots of time shopping which we all love and then went to some shows and of course the good eating!
Jennifer (3rd oldest), Allyson (my brothers wife), Kimberly (5th oldest), Me (youngest), Raquel (Oldest), Michelle (2nd oldest) and my mom.

OK so in Vegas they have a "Price is Right" show its exactly like the real thing except for the hosts but everything else is the same. So we all bought tickets and then you sit in the audience and hope that your picked to bid and win prizes, whatever just like the real show. Well sure enough I'm sitting there and every one's cheering getting ready to call the first name and then I hear "Chanel Pierce COME ON DOWN!" I was like oh crap I almost peed my pants...... So anyways I am on the bidding panel and got to bid last (it was for a telescope) and I bid a dollar higher than the highest bid and won so I got to go on stage and play the game where I had 4 price tags and had 45 seconds to put them on the right thing in the end I had two of them right so I won a exercise machine and a table and lamp. Then I had the option to take money instead so I left with $480. It was so much fun the guy with the blue shirt was the host ( he hosts on the game show network) and the other guy was the announcer. This me on the stage Kimberly got one picture but then she got yelled at for taking it so it was all we got. But it was so much fun I would do it again too!

While we were there we went and saw the show "KA" by Cirque Du Soleil by far one of the coolest things I have ever went too. Its like acrobatics and just amazing stuff I tried explaining it to Trint and it does no justice to try and tell about it, if you ever have the chance go see it.
So while we were waiting to get in the show everyone was all crowded around this guy taking pictures so we were like who is it and a guy says its SO and So from the LA Kings. Allyson was like oh I love him and we hurried and got a picture by him. They we doing a charity gambling night at the hotel. So then I was like oh yeah a basketball player...... nope hes a hockey player and I looked him up his name is Anze Kopitar. I guess I'm not that into hockey.
The Cheesecake Factory oh yum!
It was such a fun trip with everyone there!


HomeschoolRulz3 said...

ok, so now you are the funnest person in the neighbrhood!

Robyn said...

That is so awesome about the price is right! We must be related!!:) Where is it at, I want to go, you have to buy tickets though? How much are they? Anyhoo, looks like you guys had so much fun! One question though? Did your mom steal the cleaning ladies cart blind? Our mothers are known for that! Happy 60th Aunt Sheryl, we love you!

The Hansen's said...

Chanel- So much fun! I completely understand about trying to explain KA to someone, cody just didn't get it. Way to go on the price is right, that is awesome! I totally understand about havin' to teach this sunday, I just wanted ya'll to know. Love ya lots and hopefully we'll see ya sometime soon.

HomeschoolRulz3 said...

I have a new blog page. the addy is

The Keetch Klan said...

How much fun! It was so much fun to see all of the pictures and to see all you gorgeous girls together. That had to be the best birthday ever for your mom and memories that you all will never forget. Good job on the price is right! Love you, Suzanne