Monday, June 30, 2008

Summer time Swimming!

Cousins Brooklyn & Gavin were here for the week so we went Swimming at Seven Peaks, it was a perfect day and Aurora could'nt have been happier her favorite was singing the "Tube'in" song and rid'in on the tube!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

KITTY!!!....Where are you?!

Aurora is in heaven because Grandma Harris sent her a new kitty. She has been wanting one for a long time now and she finally got one and she won't put the poor thing down. It is pretty dang cute too except for the meowing part. Although it has a special high pitch meow for when Aurora is holding it by the neck or squeezing it to hard. She really loves her though and at night she has to sing her "rock-a-bye baby."
I told her she had to be in charge of feeding her and making her go potty in the box and sure enough I found her holding the kittys head in the food bowl until it would eat something and not to be sure but I'm almost positive Aurora tasted some of the kitty's food too....oh well! And if anyone has any cute names let me know!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Swimming lessons!

So I decided to do a mommy and me class with Aurora down at the city pool when I signed up there were a ton of places left that started the first week of June so I thought sweet. Well this week came and I found out why there was still so many spots available well becuase its still in the 60's and the think the water is the same temp as the air. Aurora was actually really good though she loved signing "wheels on the bus" and just did what all the other kids were doing so she is on her way to learning the breast stroke!

Weekend fun (cont.)

After laying the sod all morning Trint just had to go on a horse ride so we took a picnic up Payson canyon and relaxed for a minute and then Trint was off to spot for Elk.
Aurora had fun rid'in Ace with mom it did'nt last to long before she wanted to get off I could'nt blame her for how wide Ace is and how short Aurora is I'm sure it was'nt comfortable for her.

Weekend Fun!

Well this weekened we put our sod in and how nice it was to finally have some grass. Aurora can go outside with her shoes on for once and come back inside without having to take a bath first. We even got around to planting flowers in the flower beds to (after these pictures were taken).
It was really alot of work just kidding I did nothing but buy drinks and donuts for everyone that helped, oh and I got a roll of sod thrown at me by my Father-in-law!
What a hard working husband I have he would'nt even stop walking to pose for a picture. He has always got to be doing something.
Now this is our back yard... not quite ready for the sod. Trint is building a step down fireplace off the back porch so we have to wait until thats finished before we lay sod here.