Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I have a 3 year old?

Aurora's birthday finally came and she was so excited she could hardly stand it.
Eating her Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cake, that is her new favorite show and there was no doubt that Minnie was one of her favorite presents. She had so much fun with all her cousins there and her favorite part was blowing out her candles!

Aurora with her new Minnie and her cute new baby we asked her what she wanted to name her baby and she came up with "Baby Galore." She loves to be a little mom and she takes such good care of them.
I asked her what she wanted to do on her birthday and she begged to go and feed the ducks and since it happened to be a beautiful day it worked out perfect, although she decided to eat some of the hamburger buns when I wasn't looking. She had such a fun day and its so amazing how fast 3 years have gone by.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Christmas 2008

Christmas morning Aurora was so excited and thrilled she just wanted to play with all the toys at once, it was fun to see her opening the presents and really "getting" the whole Christmas thing this year.

Cousin Karyson and Aurora playing the wii that they got for Christmas, well trying the best they could Karyson was cute if she didn't win she would just sit back on the couch and say I don't want to play anymore, but of course she did. And just so you know if theirs anyone that wants to play me in wii bowling I will kick your ace my top score is 266 that's right I got 7 strikes in a row, don't even worry about it OK.

Aurora got some cute dress up clothes from Santa and she had a ball dressing up with everyone so she could look just like Cinderella.

Playing games at Grandma's house

Opening presents with the family!

We couldn't find Aurora and Devon for a while then we finally found them watching Seinfeld of all the things in the corner of the room.

Aurora loves making all kinds of "dinners" for us with her new kitchen from Grandma Shorty and as you can see she is very serious about it.

Santa also brought her a big girl bed she actually loves it and has done really good in it as far as staying in at night.

Gotta love playing games my brother and his huge glasses the funny part is that we were playing Settlers not even poker. One night we had a Settlers marathon until about 2 in the morning I can't remember but I think my brother Ben won and we all know its only because he cheats.
We had such a fun Christmas this year my other sister from Washington also came and spend Christmas with us too. I love love Christmas time and I'm always sad when its over but thanks to everyone that made it so special and fun!

Sledding with all kinds of cousins!

About a week before Christmas my sister and family came to visit us it was a surprise nobody knew that they were coming until they showed up at the house, it was a lot of fun though and Aurora still asks for "Karyson and Emigh to come play at my house."

The day after they came we went sledding at the golf course with all of the kids and then after that Trint took the boys snowmobiling.

Aurora loved sledding at first she whined and then once she started to go she couldn't stop laughing.

This is Brooklyn and Aurora on the sled in Grandpa's field they did it the easy way by using the 4-wheeler to pull them around. I really love the snow sometimes and then again I hate it sometimes too.

Santa Claus

This was Aurora at the mall riding the train around Santa Claus she was so excited to see him and tell him what she wanted but little did we know it was all talk. Once it was her turn she freaked out and started crying but afterwards she told everyone she did sit on his lap... what a little fibber!

After the incident at the mall her and Grandpa had a plan and they were going to "sit on his lap and touch his beard" in her words, so we tried...

There was no way it was going to happen no matter how hard we tried to brib her with candy

And so we just made her I am sure she will be scard for life. Even on Christmas morning I went to her room to wake her up and I told her that Santa had came and she brust into tears and said "no I don't want him" but then I said no he's not here he just brought you presents and then she was happy.

Lets start with Thankgiving!

Grandma is such a pushover because it didn't take much for the kids to talk her into letting them open one of their presents on Thanksgiving. It doesn't look like Parker was to thrill about his jammers though.

This year for Thanksgiving we went to Trint's mom and dad house and had all the family there including my brother and sister-in-law and their kids. It was a lot of fun to have so many people there and visit and of course eat!