Wednesday, July 30, 2008

ALL-TIME Winners!

Yes that's right our pink team is all-time champs again (we have only done it once before our very first year we started the team)! It was a really fun year too we had some new players and then of course some of our originals.
Bit, Jessica, Lori, Janet, Carly, Heather, Jessi, Melissa, Kimberly, ME, Jalyce, Sara & Devon! And MIA is Kresta
This is the coveted Blue first place T-shirt, and this year they are actually pretty cute!
This is a picture of the guy telling us that we were the best team he's ever seen, just kidding he was taking our picture for the newspaper and trying to make us do poses that we didn't want to, I'm kidding again but he would have if he could have, am I right girls.

We ended up playing a team that we beat out the first round so we new we could beat them. We lost the first game that lasted 8 innings and they ended up walking there winning run in which was so annoying (they walked a lot). But since we were in the winners bracket they had to beat us twice so the second game we kinda dominated from right off and then Melissa made our winning catch with her eyes closed and a cute cheerleader hop right after. They were fun games though and there is no doubt that everyone had fun this year!
Some fun times this year....
-When I struck out and I was walking back to the dug out and Jessica was laughing at me and I told her to stop laughing even though it was really funny
-When Bit was playing second and caught a grounder and ran and tagged the girl running to second and then looked in her mitt and no ball
-Kresta's bunts to the third basemen that for some reason got her triples every time
-The first time that Devon threw the ball to me and I thought I was going to get pinned up against the dug-out
-When Carly told me that that if she had to run more than one base there was no doubt she was going to pee a little
There are so many more I will have to think about them and post more, but for now great job PINK TEAM!!!

Monday, July 21, 2008


This is Aurora doing her ABC's all by herself she has finally got them all down although I won't take credit for teaching her I think it was Elmo and Big bird that did the teaching. Her favorite thing to do is sing songs and she goes through phases right now she loves ABC's and "Book Of Morman Stories" 2 weeks ago it was "I'm a little teapot" oh how she makes us smile!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Boating all around town!

Aurora having snacks with cousins Cade and Brock, this year she thinks its cool to wear her life jacket because Cade is.
Gotta love Utah Lake windy all day and then calm at night, well most of the nights.
My niece Stephy, Allyson, me and Kim.

Trint, me, Aurora and the wind! It has been fun this year becuase my dad bought a boat from a guy here in Utah and since it was here anyway we talked him into letting us keep it here for the summer. My brother bought a new Skurf board

that you skurf right behind the boat with and that has been our new obsession besides wakeboarding of course. The last time I went I was so close to the boat that the wave behind me pushed me right up on to the back of the boat it was nice I did'nt even have to get my hair wet! It has been alot of fun so far and since we go once a week or more I have finally got some what of a tan!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A-Attached or Single= Attached
B-Best Friend= Trint & Aurora
C-Cake or Pie= Cake with a big fat scoop of ice cream
D-Day of choice= Maybe Sunday because after church the only thing I have to do is eat the rest of the time its just relaxing with family
E-Essential Item= Lotion I am kinda OCD without it, if I don't have any on my hands I am thinking about it until I do
F-Favorite Colors= Pink
G-Gummy bears or worms= either or
H-Hometown= Burbank, Washington
I-Indulgences= Donuts, its like you might as well buy a dozen but then I get home and remember that its only Trint and me so I usually end up eating 10 in 2 days, whatever
J-January or July= July
K-Kids= Aurora-a terrible 2 year old
L-Life is= full of opportunities to laugh!
M-Marriage Date= November 20th 2004
N-Number of siblings= 5, 4 sisters, 1 brother
O-Oranges or Apples= Apple and organic ones at that! And after my dads apple harvest in august I will have an endless supply so let me know if you want some!
P-Phobias or Fears= Snakes, the devil made them and they are the devil
Q-Quote= "Are you serious Clark"
R-Ring Size= not really sure
S-Season= Spring/summer
T-Tag 3= Whoever
U-Unknown fact about me= I love football and I wish I could play professional
V-Very Favorite Store= Costco, if they sell it at Costco I will buy it
W-Worst Habit= procrastination and a horrible speller if thats a habit
X-X ray or ultrasound= ultrasound
Y-Your favorite food= Diet Coke
Z-Zodiac= Libra