Thursday, August 28, 2008

I know I know!

Ok so last week we were in Washington and thats my excuse for not posting in a while. The bad thing is is that we've been home since Sunday and I still haven't posted anything but I think its because I have spent all my time looking at everyone else's blogs and catching up. We had such a fun trip to Washington for apple harvest with my family I think we spent more time eating than doing anything else which is always a fun time we had some good food too! Right now everything seems so busy for us number 1 on the list is Trint's big elk hunt he thinks he has to go and look for them every night and I'm like you understand that when your hunt starts in September they probably won't be in the same spot, whatever, he loves it. In 2 weeks I'm going back to Washington for a couple days, and then in a month when the boys are all hunting the girls are going to venture to Disneyland with all the kids! Its going to be fun and Aurora is already getting excited she has no idea what it is yet but when we talk about it she acts like its the coolest thing ever which it will be after she goes. And I actually really like it too so we can't wait! Anyways I will get some of our Washington pictures on here soon!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Trailer'in and wheel'in in Mayfield!

After the 24th of July we went down to Mayfield and spent the weekend with Kim, Janet, Sara, Ricky, Adam, and Kim's sister Aunt Randy and Uncle Al
Aurora loves camping in Grandpa's trailer except for the sleeping part she thought everyone still wanted to play since we were all together and would have stayed up the whole night if she could have.
Dad let her reel in the fishing pole she could'nt quite get it down to turn in a circle but she did good considering she has no patience at all. We never caught anything but that never matters its just fun spending time together.
There was a big canyon behind the trees so Aurora and I took turns yelling because it made a pretty good echo and Aurora thought that was the funniest thing.

Trailer'in and wheel'in in Mayfield!

Her favorite thing to do is ride the wheeler with dad and when hes not looking or paying attention she pushes the gas which is funny sometimes but not when I sitting on back and I almost fly off, I get pissed at Trint and then remember she's sitting on front.
She's not real happy about the helmet actually she's a little ticked but for the most part she left it on.
Gotta love the trees, Mayfield is always a favorite place to go and this year it rained a little bit so it made it not so dusty which was perfect. And the time it was raining we spent in the trailer playing Aunt Randy's wii fitness and whatever Sara kicked everyones trash.

This is Aurora's "what the hell" look she's trying to figure out where Uncle Al's ice cream went.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Happy 24th!!!